Climate Change - The Solutions

A free event organised by Richmond and Kingston World Development Movement, in partnership with the Richmond Environment Network (REN)

Awareness of climate change is now widespread in the UK, as is acceptance that human activity is the major contributor.

And while a key scientific study released in July confirmed that climate change is responsible for the heavier rainfall happening across Britain over recent years, people in developing countries have long been experiencing its effects. The World Health Organisation says that over 160,000 people are already dying every year as a direct consequence of climate change. So far, it is those who have contributed least to global warming who are being most affected by its impacts.


The Richmond and Kingston World Development Movement is now hosting a major public event to look at ways forward. We want to look at what can be done - not just at the personal level but also in our locality and in the wider world.

While our Government has been happy to talk about carbon reduction targets and ask individuals to 'do their bit' by changing light bulbs and travelling less, is it really doing all that is needed to address the issue?

As David Fleming has said, large-scale problems do not require large-scale solutions; they require small-scale solutions within a large-scale framework.

Without such a framework, our individual actions can feel like teardrops in an ocean of apathy. With such a framework they can become a wave of change.

This event is about explaining the innovative frameworks designed to do this and pushing to make them reality. It is about addressing climate change at the level scientists say is necessary, not at the level politicians say is feasible. Within such frameworks, individual actions find the power to address our global problems.

Most people care and want to help, so join us in creating a happier, thriving future.

Something better is on the way.


International level - Contraction and Convergence - Aubrey Meyer

Director, Global Commons Institute - an independent group concerned with protecting the global climate system. Author of Contraction & Convergence: The Global Solution to Climate Change.

National level - Tradable Energy Quotas - Shaun Chamberlin

Development Director, The Lean Economy Connection - a not-for-profit research centre designing strategies for environmental crises. Editor of Energy and The Common Purpose - Managing the Energy Descent.

Local level - Sustainable Energy Policies in Woking - Mary Holdstock

Find out how Woking Council reduced energy consumption by 20% in 4 years and has, among other initiatives, the first sustainable heating and cooling energy station in the UK.

Chair - World Development Movement - Benedict Southworth

Director, World Development Movement.

Cllr Serge Lourie will give a brief welcoming speech outlining the action Richmond Council is taking on climate change.